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Online predictions

Online consultation and online predictions are a blessing for those who live abroad or are unable to travel due to other personal reasons. It is a convenient way of receiving help from an astrologist you trust. Online consultation is for those who need solutions to their problems without direct consultation. The only thing that should be considered is the reliability and experience of the astrologist you choose. Many astrologists who have years of experience in the field are accurate with their online predictions. General and specific life situations of a person can predict with the help of their date of birth. Online horoscope prediction and future prediction are the two main services in the field of online astrology.

Online astrology services

Future prediction

A person’s date of birth can be used for his future prediction. More specific prediction is possible with the help of some extra information or ‘nimithas’

Horoscope prediction

The accuracy of online horoscope prediction depends on the accuracy of the information we provide about the time, the date and the place of birth.

Online consultation

Online consultation is available for any astrological pieces of advice and solutions.
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