Ashtamangala prasnam

Ashtamangala prasnam is the ultimate diagnosis methodology in astrology due to its complexity in calculations and interpretations. It is not performed by the astrologer alone but is done by one of the family members or a girl child around 10 years of age. Two or more astrology experts together will decide on the calculations and interpretations. Ashtamangala prasnam uses omens and numerologies in it. And it is a method in which eight auspicious objects; ghee lamps, mirror, gold, milk, fruits, yogurt, book and white cloth are used.

Three steps of Ashtamangala Prasna

Invitation Process

Those who decided to conduct ashtamangala prasna should invite the astrologer in person. This is called ‘Priccha’ in Sanskrit and it would take ten to fifteen minutes. After inviting him, the astrologer will decide a date for ashtamangala prasna based on nakshatras and other considerations prescribed by Acharyas

Performing Astamangala Prasna

Ashtamangala prasna will be conducted by two or more astrology experts(astrologers). The duration of the process will be based on the complexity of the problem and the obstacles.

Execution of remedial measures

As per the instructions of the astrologers, Pariharam or remedial measures should be performed.

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