Thamboola Prasnam

Thamboola prasnam, also known as royal astrology is an intricate divination method mainly practised in the southernmost state in India. Tamboola means betel leaves and prasna means to query. The betel leaf reading helps to find solutions to the difficulties facing in life or to predict future zodiac signs.Thamboola prasnam is an interactive method to reveal insightful solutions for current life situations. It is mainly used to find out the unknown. We can get information about a missing person, about lost valuables and clarification for an uncertain situation through an expert astrologist who practices thamboola prasnam.

The speciality of Thamboola prasna

Divinely guided

The number of betel leaves, their nature and the time, everything happens due to the ‘nimitha’, the sign for your future events. Thamboola prasnam unfolds the divine will

Individual solution

Answers to seemingly unanswered questions. Individual differences and choices will reflect in the astrology solution of a problem

Significance of the time

Thamboola prasnam focuses on the present. The moment at which you submit your queries and the number of betels leaves forms the royal astrology chart and the predictions are being based on this chart

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