Jathakam is the graphical representation of planetary positions as formed in alignment with the time, date and place of birth of a person. Grahanila, navamsham, sphudangal, ashtavargam, shashtavargam, dhashaphalam, ashrayaphalam, yogaphalam etc are the part of jathakam. As it is a brief description of the course of life, it can explain and analyse the major events that are happening and going to happen based on the planetary position. A birth chart analysis can reveal different areas of a person’s life including his personality, career, relationships and social life. So, it is really important to take into account the exact positions of the stars and planets at the exact moment, date and time of one’s birth to ensure the accuracy of Jathakam and future predictions based on it. Here our expert will consult jathakam in malayalam and online jathakam.

Services related to Jathakam

Horoscope making

The accurate information about a person’s birth date, time and place is necessary for Kundli making. The birth chart will show 12 rasi positions of each planetary body in each rasi. Here our expert consults Malayalam horoscope

Horoscope reading

Birth chart reading or kundali reading to explain the present life situations and to identify and solve doshas. It helps to discover the meaning of your life and to recover yourself from the unwanted phases of life. Nowadays online kundali making is possible by our expert kerala astrologer.

Future prediction

Jathakam predicts the course of life. A deeper understanding of your present and future events is possible and will guide you to improve your life situations.

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