Answering a question by horoscope for the exact time at which the question was received is known as prasnam or prasna marga in astrology. It is the most comprehensive and elaborate exposition of horary astrology. The queries will be answered through the analyses of horary chart and the hourly movement of planets and which is obtained using appropriate tools like Kavatis, tamboolas or nimithas. Without using the horoscope one can find answers to their problems related to the personal, spiritual, familial and social life. Financial position, career, childbirth, education, marriage and the doshas or evil effects like kalasarpa dosha, pitru dosha, bhoot-pret dosha, shatru-abhichara dosha, kudumba dosha, vastu dosha can be analysed through Kavati prasnam. The astrologer will suggest essential remedies and pooja vidhis to eliminate these doshas as fast as possible. Prasna marga is also performed in temples to explain the will of God and it is known as Devaprasna.

Common types of prasna practices

Ashtamangala prasnam

Ashtamangala prasnam is a practice in which eight auspicious objects; ghee lamps, mirror, gold, milk, fruits, yogurt, book and white cloth are used. Ashtamangala prasna uses omens and numerologies.

Thamboola prasnam

Thamboola prasnam is used to know the unknown like the whereabouts of a missing person, lost valuables or matters of uncertainty. It can be used to predict the health and wealth of an individual.


Devaprasnam is performed by a chief astrologer to know the divine opinion about the functioning of the temple when some difficulties or corruption occur. The time and method of the ritual will be decided by the authorities.

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