Muhurtham is the auspicious or appropriate time of the day for doing certain things. Especially for important functions like marriage, naming ceremony etc. it is necessary to choose the auspicious time. Following the muhurtham will increase the chance of success in any task without any hindrance. The lunar day, nakshatra, yoga, Karana, and the weekday will take into consideration while selecting the muhurtham. Looking for muhurtham in past days is not preferable but present day( today muhurtham ) and Future days ( tomorrow muhurtham ) are good. The presence of certain doshas like panchaka doshas and ekavimshati doshas are also considered in determining Subha muhurtham. In astrology, shubh muhurat refers to the time when the placement of planets and nakshatras are favourable to the native.

Muhurtham and different ceremonies

Marriage Muhurtham

Marriage is the beginning of a new life and selecting the auspicious wedding muhurtham for it can contribute to its compatibility and happiness. Marriage muhurtham provides the life of the bride and groom will be happy or any problem.

Mundan Ceremony Muhuratham

It is important to select the auspicious day for the mundan ceremony as it is one of the important sanskaras performed in childhood.

Gruha Pravesha Muhurtham

Certain months are inauspicious for housewarming and depending on other factors, every day will not be suitable for it too. Gruha pravesha muhurtham is to calculate the best time for it without any hindrance.

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