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What is the relationship between Vastu and human beings?

kerala astrologerLiving in a habitable place for human beings or any other living creature is one of the most essential things that are part of their existence itself. A place where a person can live a healthy, happy and satisfying life can be defined as an ideal, livable house.

Thus, the role of architecture in supporting human life and helping to live in harmony with nature is not insignificant. Indian architecture is an ancient branch of science that claims to have an accurate basis and objective application. Many homes that have been built by adopting unfavourable housing models without regard to architecture have suffered their own downsides in the future. But it is very hopeful that in this modern age there are also new generations who are still trying to follow our traditional architectural styles, embracing the importance and necessity of architecture. The number of professionals who fully understand the essence of architecture , Vastu for houses and are able to apply them properly in the field of construction is small.

But still, there are some common things that everyone should know about architecture. The connection between Vastu for home and the human body is an important one among them.


Vastu and the human body

The basis of architecture is human anatomy. The human body is made in accordance with accurate scientific judgement. Our body has a proper structure to survive on the earth, even in the face of climate change and adverse conditions. The impact of science on human creation can be attributed to the fact that even some of the damage done to our body parts by circumstances can be remedied.

Our home and our body are made up of the same structural features. Homes built with a strong basement of science, help our bodies to survive adverse living conditions as well. And those who are not will eventually lead to destruction. The evil effects on the house will affect the inhabitants there. In fact, our home is capable enough to bring all the good things one desires such as health, longevity, wealth, happiness, child well-being, comfort and peace of mind. This is not to say that our home gives anything directly but it will create an environment to redirect these things into our life so vastu shastra plays an important role in living.

Similarly, in the case of the aforementioned evils, construction practices against the five manifestations of nature, architectural science are like paving the way to destruction. The five manifestations of nature (pancha boothangal) are earth, water, fire and sky. These are the basis of all science. These are the powerhouses of nature. It is imperative that the human home, like the human body, be given all the energy to live in harmony with nature. It is this energy that enters a home properly that leads to the occupants, their happiness and progress. Therefore, our homes deserve as much attention and care as the human body, which, according to the architecture,we can do with a vastu consultant who has to start with the selection of land, that is before it can be built. To know more about vastu visit :


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